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Declan McCullagh is a writer, programmer, and pilot. McCullagh is the chief political correspondent for CNET, part of CBS Corporation. Previously he was a senior correspondent for CBS News' Web site, and was for four years the Wired bureau chief in Washington, D.C., where he spent over a decade before moving to the San Francisco bay area. An award-winning journalist, McCullagh writes and speaks frequently about technology, law, and politics; his work has appeared in scores of publications including The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times Magazine, Playboy magazine, Communications of the ACM, and the Harvard Journal of Law and Public Policy. He has appeared on every major TV network and cable news channel and spoken at dozens of universities including Stanford University, MIT, and the University of Chicago. McCullagh was a programmer before becoming a journalist, and has written code for news stories including a early look at domain name availability and an evaluation of Google's Panda algorithm. One analysis he performed prompted Google to fix a bug that filtered sites like Essex County that had the word "sex" in their domain names. He was a registered NeXT developer and worked for NeXT Computer in the company's Redwood City headquarters. Previously McCullagh was a reporter for and Time magazine, as well as a correspondent for HotWired. He previously wrote for the Taking Liberties section of CBS News' Web site, the successor to a weekly column he started in October 2008 titled Other People's Money. He has taught as an Adjunct Professor of Law at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He also has been a lecturer at American University in Washington, DC where he has taught a graduate journalism class (COMM-710). McCullagh moderated Politech, a well-known mailing list looking broadly at politics and technology that he founded in 1994, and has been online since 1988 (through BITNET). He was the first Internet reporter to join the National Press Club; he participated in the first White House dot com press pool; and has testified twice before the Federal Trade Commission. McCullagh has done mobile application development using Corona SDK and other cross-platform development environments and is a recovering Perl programmer. He maintains a Linux server that supports about seven web sites, some with a MySQL backend. He rides a Honda 919 motorcycle, is a licensed private pilot who flies a Diamond Katana and Cessna 172s, and lives with his wife and family in an updated mid-century modern house in the San Francisco area.

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DC v. SF: A Clash of Visions for Tech Policy

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