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Ora Balha was always attracted to mysticism, and the ability of the body to be used as an instrument for spiritual communion. Trained as a dancer, Ora found her way to the Sufi path and has been whirling since 2007, in addition to teaching the art to others. Along with her husband, she also operates a coexistence center, which brings together Palestinians, Israelis and Internationals, organizes conferences on nonviolence, runs an Arabic/Hebrew bilingual kindergarten in the Rudolph Steiner method, and manages an organic coop.

Ihab Balha is a Palestinian Arab who has been investigating Islam, and Sufism in particular, for many years. Trained in the Mevlevi order since 2007, he has been whirling ever since. He and his wife are involved in many community projects dedicated to reconciliation between Arabs and Jews, including Sulha Peace Project. His primary interest is to use Islam as a bridge between hearts.

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Spontaneous Evolution Panel: Engaged Spirituality

12.13.13 | 01:33:17 min | 0 comments

UPLIFT ZIKR: Ora & Ihab Balha, Guru Singh, Gil Ron Shama

12.11.13 | 01:01:39 min | 0 comments