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Grandmother Rita Pitka Blumenstein is a Yupik Elder and the first certified traditional doctor in Alaska. She is also an artist, a teacher, speaker and storyteller. Rita's teachings of the “Talking Circle” have been recorded and published, and she's traveled the world to teach song, dance, basket weaving and cultural issues. She donates these earnings to Native American colleges.

Grandmother Rita was born on a fishing boat. Because her father died before she was born, Rita was raised by her mother, grandmothers and great-grandmothers, all of whom were wise women elders of her Yupik people.

In 1995, Grandmother Rita learned she had cancer. The cancer helped Rita recognize her lifetime of anger and sadness from not having a father. She knew she had to heal at the deepest levels. "Emotions become physical, and the physical becomes emotional. Healing is about peeling," she says. "God said there is only abundance, and the only way through is to forgive. Holding on to negative emotions becomes cancer or another illness. Our healing is not just for ourselves, it is for the universe. We forget who we are, and that is the cause of our illness." Today Grandmother Rita Blumenstein is a tribal doctor for the South Central Foundation. She uses plant and energy medicine to heal along with the wisdoms learned from her own grandmothers.

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