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Guru Singh is a celebrated third-generation yogi, master spiritual teacher, author, and musician.

Guru Singh teaches conscious living through the tools of Humanology, Kundalini yoga, meditation, and sacred sound. His teachings grew from an esoteric curiosity inspired by his family’s deep connection to the spiritual masters of India.

Paramahansa Yogananda was his first teacher. In 1969, Guru Singh met Yogi Bhajan, a spiritual leader from northern India and master of Kundalini yoga. From that moment on Guru Singh has been studying and teaching Kundalini yoga and meditation, a science taught in India for over five thousand years. He has spread this ancient science with passion and a practical fusion of Eastern mysticism into Western pragmatism.

Guru Singh’s books, music, yoga/meditation classes, blog posts, podcasts, and lectures uplift thousands worldwide. Based in Los Angeles at Yoga West and Golden Bridge yoga studios, he also teaches Kundalini Level I and II teacher training courses. He meets students privately for consultations and sound healing sessions when in Los Angeles.

3 Programs

Spontaneous Evolution Panel: Engaged Spirituality

12.13.13 | 01:33:17 min | 0 comments

Morning Chant Session with Guru Singh

12.13.13 | 00:55:27 min | 0 comments

UPLIFT ZIKR: Ora & Ihab Balha, Guru Singh, Gil Ron Shama

12.11.13 | 01:01:39 min | 0 comments