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Dr Michael Fitzpatrick is a GP in Hackney, London. Michael has a longstanding interest in politics, the history of ideas and the contemporary attacks on reason, science and rationality. He regularly contributes to spiked, and writes for the Lancet and a variety of medical publications. Recent publications include The Tyranny of Health: Doctors and the Regulation of Lifestyle, a topical and controversial discussion of the dangers of the explosion of health awareness for both patients and doctors. In the light of Michael's day-to-day experience as a practicing GP, he questions the current crusade of government to improve public health, and the consequent increase in the level of state intervention in every aspect of people's lives. He is also author of MMR and Autism (2004), an explanation of why he believes the anti-MMR campaign is misguided, with the aim of both reassuring parents considering vaccination, and also relieving the continued anxieties of parents of autistic children.

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The Panic About Obesity

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