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Anna Halprin is highly regarded in the Bay Area and international dance scenes as a pioneer in combining improvisation, audience participation, environmental/street theater, and community-based performance in her work. Her focus on dance as a healing art can be dated to 1972, when she diagnosed her own cancer and was able to survive through a combination of surgery, conventional medical therapies, and unconventional visualization processes. While doing cancer work at the Creighten Institute she formed the STEPS theater program, which was adapted to meet the needs of people facing HIV infection. This work focused on a process of psycho-kinetic visualization to improve the functionality of compromised immune systems. A year later, she formed separate theater groups for men and women with AIDS, called respectively Positive Motion and Women with Wings. In 1989, more than 100 members of these groups, and friends, were featured in Circle the Earth, an annual ritual that Halprin had created a decade earlier, now reconceived in relation to HIV/AIDS.

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Experience as Dance

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