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Hi, I’m Jeff Miller and I’m writing my own bio. I’d ask a friend or a colleague to do this for me, but if you knew me you’d understand it just seems too ridiculous. Even I don’t wanna read about me!

I’m an ex-agency creative lead. I used to be a VP CD of UX (go ahead and untangle that one if you can) at Digitas Boston, where I did some pretty innovative stuff with user experience design and creative tech for brands like P&G, IHG, AT&T, GM, AOL, XM, and lots of other companies featuring different letter combinations (except for the ones with R’s, because nobody can say those around here).

My Boston journey began at Berklee College of Music, and like lots of other longhaired guys of the era, I stumbled into a digital design career when the Internet was born. And frankly, after about fifteen years of THAT, I was ready for something different. In short, it was time to lose all those letters surrounding my name and just be a designer again, this time with a capital D.

My solo design consultancy (JM Creative) has been going strong for a couple of years now. I went into this looking to focus squarely on SaaS (more letters, I know), social, and mobile. So far I’ve managed to do just that, most recently by partnering with one of Boston’s most loyalty-inspiring online food ordering services, Foodler, to bring their web biz to the iPhone. I’m also working on some exciting music apps, games, and utilities right now. It’s awesome fun!

I also partnered up with 3 Percenter Rebecca Rivera to form Social Goodness. We guest lecture at agencies and conferences (well, this one anyway), and we’re kicking off our first Speed Mentoring events right here at 3 Percent.

Of course all this needs to fit in alongside my duties as a dad, compulsive weekend woodworker, and guitar fanatic. In fact, this bio has to stop right here because it’s time for me to pick up my Les Paul and do some shredding.

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