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With 13+ years at Rosetta/LEVEL, Alex has managed a variety of teams/disciplines as the VP of Professional Services, Technology Manager, Chief Creative Officer and the co-founder of the LEVEL legacy brand with Tom Adamski. Since the acquisition of LEVEL, he has become an integral part of the CCX organization with a unique perspective and ability in enabling coast-to-coast operational growth, driving a culture of innovation and fostering management transparency through networking and adaptability.

Alex has helped steer the Rosetta Marketing organization. Using his industry insights and close connections with client/partner networks, he has been able to evolve the Rosetta brand aesthetics, voice and execution across the agency. Alex is the champion of the Rosetta brand, embodying our beliefs while attempting to elevate our organization among top 10 agencies worldwide. Alex's connection with the technology team (as an OpCo member and a key contributor to the Tech/CCX task force) has enabled a better connection between our organization's two largest business units. Alex is a true believer in humanizing the connection between technology and human behavior. He has accomplished this by encouraging team members to work beyond disciplinary borders in order to deliver unique and creative solutions in a process which he calls "the human centric UX nirvana." Alex's most significant contribution has been his management philosophy of "Beautiful Chaos." The notion that our industry is in constant change and that agencies have to be flexible, adaptive, and forward thinking to survive. Alex teaches his teams to be curious, to laugh, and to treat people as people and not "targets." He is currently focused on standardizing methodologies and processes across CCX, and although he acknowledges that methodologies are the backbone of every agency, he believes that our staff's intuition is the force (Star Wars style) that will drive our agency forward.

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Fireside Chat: What's Next? Creative Trends + Roles

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