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A lifelong Nebraskan, Congressman Lee Terry has worked continually to empower the people of the Second District. He has been a leader for Nebraska by advocating American energy security, respect for life and a fiscally sound balanced budget. A strong proponent of limited government, Lee has been an outspoken and leading opponent against government intrusion of health care and the Internet.

Lee currently serves on the influential Energy and Commerce Committee, which is the oldest standing legislative committee in the House. For the 113th Congress, Lee is serving as Chairman of the Subcommittee of Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade. This subcommittee casts a wide-net over issues that affect every American, every day. CMT’s jurisdiction covers interstate and foreign commerce issues; specifically, regulation of commercial practices and the Federal Trade Commission, including sports-related matters; data security; consumer affairs, protection and product safety; privacy matters; product liability; motor vehicle safety; and regulation of travel and tourism.

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Distracted Driving: Rep. Lee Terry

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