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Mark A. Boyar, President of Boyar Asset Management, Inc. a Registered Investment Adviser has worked as a securities analyst since 1968. He began actively managing money in 1975 and formed Boyar Asset Management in 1983. In October 1987 a group headed by Mark A. Boyar acquired control of American Corporate Ltd., a closed end fund listed on the Sydney Stock Exchange, which was trading at a deep discount to its net asset value. Five years later he liquidated the fund at a premium to net asset value. In May 1998, Mr. Boyar launched his first mutual fund, The Boyar Value Fund (BOYAX). In addition, Mr. Boyar has published a monthly research report since 1975 entitled Asset Analysis Focus (AAF). This publication (which is currently published by Boyar’s Intrinsic Value Research LLC.) identifies and evaluates companies Mr. Boyar feels are intrinsically undervalued.

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The Big Shrink for Capital Markets and Investors

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