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David Rowley is the CTO at Get Satisfaction, where he is responsible for technical and product direction and manages the teams that define, build, test and operate the company’s SaaS-based online community platform. Having spent nearly 30 years building software products and managing development organizations, David brings experience from a wide range of domains including social business systems, mobile media, digital commerce, web infrastructure, financial systems, and scientific computing.

Prior to Get Satisfaction, he served as Vice President of Products and Services for the Mobile business unit at Limelight Networks, and has held executive and technical roles at SNOCAP, Kenamea, Fair Isaac, Varian Associates, and Bio-Rad Laboratories. His professional interests include agile software development, product management, user experience, SaaS operations, and customer service. He received a BS in Information and Computer Science from the University of California, Irvine.

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Architecting for Big Social Data

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