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As the Business Development head for Symphony Teleca’s Connected Experiences group, Scott Yoneyama is a mobile technology expert focused on media, customer facing applications and connected devices. With a focus on User Experience and Purposeful Feature Design, Mr. Yoneyama works to create the vision and design of products and services; architect the business teams and delivery organizations required for their success; and manage the products and services to delivery and launch. For over 10 years, Mr. Yoneyama has worked to deploy products and services for some of the largest consumer facing brands, integrating engaging front end designs across multiple platforms while connecting to complex enterprise infrastructures simultaneously maintaining both performance and security. Throughout his career Mr. Yoneyama has touched almost every component of the technology lifecycle from the fiber in the ground to the graphics and software on the device. Mr. Yoneyama began early in networking technologies and the first commercial IP services. He worked with several with small telecom startups to lay new, long-haul fiber routes domestically and internationally; metropolitan fiber routes; and build and manage several data centers. Mr. Yoneyama’s technology vision led him to start one of the first remote data storage companies as the first storage virtualization software was still being written and later to start one of the first companies focused on securing Web Services communications. He then managed wireless data infrastructure for several carries and helped transition Wireless Services Corporation into SinglePoint as one of the largest wireless messaging aggregators in the U.S. Mr. Yoneyama built some of the earliest mobile applications before helping to co-found Redmond, based Mobui which was one of the early iPhone application development companies. He sold Mobui to Symphony Teleca in 2009 and grew the applications business before departing to lead business development for UIEvolution. During this time, Mr. Yoneyama launched 4 applications that reached #1 on iTunes. At UIEvolution, he drove product ideation and creation around the concept of, “Any content or service on any device anywhere,” deploying services across mobiles, TV’s, tablets, cars, airlines and cruise ships. Mr. Yoneyama helped build, launch and manage the VCast Apps Store for Verizon, AT&T’s Media Store and Ring-Back Tones Store, multiple deeply integrated mobile applications for Disney, Toyota’s Entune service and multi-screen entertainment and service applications for the hospitality industry. Now back with the Connected Experiences team he originally helped found, Mr. Yoneyama is leveraging Symphony Teleca’s global reach and scale to assist the next generation of connected operating systems, device, platforms and their owners to create engaging yet purposeful experiences.

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