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Eric Hunsader is the founder and CEO of the stock-market data and analytics firm Nanex. A leading expert on high-frequency algorithmic trading, he is frequently called on to advise governments, central banks, exchanges, and regulatory agencies. Hunsader began his career as a software developer, creating real-time trading programs that are still in use. He founded Nanex in 2000. The company’s NxCore data feed is used by subscribers around the world, and its vast database has provided unparalleled insights into the causes of recent market volatility. Following the “Flash Crash” of 2010, Nanex processed trillions of trading records to explain what happened. The company’s work is cited in academic papers, books, and popular media—including The Colbert Report—and served as inspiration for Robert Harris’ novel The Fear Index. A Nanex chart was one of 100 images in a time capsule launched into space last year.

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Nanex CEO Eric Hunsader: Flash Trading Detective Work

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