Speaker - Josiah "Tink" Thompson



Thompson took degrees in Philosophy from Yale, with two years in between as a Navy frogman working on underwater explosives. After finishing his PhD at Yale, Tink became Professor Thompson of Haverford College for several decades. But for the last thirty years, he has made his living as an investigator.

His cases run the gamut from auto accidents to high-visibility criminal prosecutions — from a $100m arson case in France, to a $100m coffee fraud in Colombia. The work has included hundreds of murder cases, including several that garnered national news (e.g., proving the innocence of Chol Soo Lee; investigations on the retrial of the Billionaire Boys Club; and defense of William and Emily Harris on charges of kidnapping Patty Hearst).

His book Gumshoe chronicles his life as a private-eye, and his highly acclaimed book Six Seconds in Dallas analyzed the JFK assassination. Along the way, he noticed — and resolved — such enigmas as the infamous "umbrella man."

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Tink Thompson: The Investigations of a Private 'I'

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