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Rob Knight, PhD is an Assistant Professor in the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department at the University of Colorado, Boulder. His research includes studies of the relationships among RNA sequence, structure and function, and studies of microbial communities in different habitats, including the human microbiome. His lab is part of the Human Microbiome Project Data Analysis and Coordination Center, and he was recently selected for an HHMI Early Career Scientist Award. He received his Ph.D. in 2001 working with Laura Landweber at Princeton University, did postdoctoral work with Mike Yarus at the University of Colorado, and joined the Chemistry & Biochemistry Department in 2004 as the first hire made by the Colorado Initiative in Molecular Biotechnology.

2 Programs

Rob Knight: Making the HMP Data Work for You

04.26.13 | 00:22:11 min | 0 comments

Exploring Citizen Science and Participatory Research

04.26.13 | 01:24:13 min | 0 comments