Speaker - Kent Kilroe

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Born and raised in Calgary, Kent Kilroe spent countless hours of his childhood at the ice hockey rink. His passion for sports and the great outdoors led him to his first venture in the athletic clothing business in Vancouver—a snow and skate apparel brand, Three Stones.

In 2002, with a successful brand under his belt, Mr. Kilroe sold the business and moved to New York. He devoted his time to exploring the city’s real estate, eventually leading him to build his own townhouse on Manhattan’s Eastside. Furthering his interest in land, Mr. Kilroe focused on development in Harlem and sales in Brooklyn. Never losing his love of the apparel industry, Kent discovered a selection of boutique menswear brands in New York with a true attention to detail that he could appreciate. He became an ardent Freemans Sporting Club customer, visiting the Lower East Side flagship on a regular basis. A fan of the company’s ready-to-wear and made-to-measure suiting, he filled his wardrobe with a FSC collection all his own before joining the team as Managing Partner in 2009.

Now a permanent New York City resident and father to four boys, Mr. Kilroe focuses on strategically guiding the expansion of the FSC brand in the U.S. and abroad.

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