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Every traveler knows that learning the local lingo is part of the pleasure of getting to know a new place. But frontside lipslide ... backside crooked-grind ... kickflip? What language is this? It's the lingua franca of the skateboarding world, an international language that has permitted 15-year-old Booker Mitchell to take his homemade travel show to Spain, Nicaragua, and the Brazilian Amazon. With the help of his filmmaker mom and the support of his dad, Mitchell scripts and stars in an unconventional Web video series that tracks its gregarious star as he navigates foreign lands by skateboarding and surfing with local kids. Although she's a documentarian, Brazil-born Tania Cypriano is far from a stage mom. "Ever since he was little, Booker kept journals. Wherever we traveled, I took videos. One day we realized we were documenting the world as a kid experiences it." "Travel shows for grown-ups have these really excited hosts who talk about museums," says Booker. "Our motto is 'Live Life Outside.'"

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