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The numbers alone are astonishing-365 days and some 66,000 miles logged on the road, 90,000 photos snapped, 50 states visited. And the cause is inspiring. Theron Humphrey took a year to see America and record the story of one person in film and audio each day. This storyteller's monumental road trip echoes the Depression-era Federal Writers Project, but Humphrey's oral history enterprise is rooted in a more personal motive. "I got stirred up and wanted to live a different life. I wanted to discover new things and meet new people," says 29-year-old Humphrey, who quit his job as a fashion studio photographer and hit the highway in August 2011 with a mission of befriending one person each day, every day, for a year and documenting that person's life story. The result is a personal journey published online at, a site supported by donations from angel investors on the fund-raising platform Humphrey maps out his route and shares the tales of the people he's met along the way. There's Liz Roma, a farmer in Vermont. Uncle Bobby, a Hawaiian canoe craftsman. And Patrick Millard, a Pittsburgh artist, who unexpectedly died a few days after the interview. Humphrey's histories document the tenor of our times, spoken by the people who populate a traveler's landscape and framed by a photographer with an eye for detail. "It's in the American DNA to seek new ideas," says Humphrey. "That's what drove me."

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