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"More than a year ago, my husband and I yanked our two sons away from everything they knew and headed out to discover the planet," says 40-year-old travel writer Heather Greenwood Davis. "The goal was to show our kids that their neighborhood wasn't limited to their block, that the world has more to offer than PlayStation 3, and that people are way more interesting than they could imagine." From their home in Ontario, the Davis gang (father Ish, age 45, and boys Ethan, 10, and Cameron, 8) embarked on an epic adventure. They came face to face with blue-footed boobies in the Galápagos, watched World Cup rugby in New Zealand, went tuk-tuk riding in Cambodia, and encountered revolutionary times in Egypt. All told, the Davis family spent 12 months on the road, visited 29 countries, and blogged about their round-the-world journey at "Our kids came away with a sense that the planet is a kind place, that the world is accessible to them, and that they can befriend people everywhere they go," says Davis. "It was an amazing year."

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