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Paul McCulley is Chairman of the Society of Fellows of the Global Interdependence Center (GIC), Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The Society, founded in late 2010, had its inaugural event at the Bank of France in March of this year: Re-Examining Central Bank Orthodoxy for Un-Orthodox Times.

Prior to endowing the Society and becoming its first Chair, Paul was a senior partner at PIMCO, the world’s premier fixed income investment advisory firm, where he was a member of the Investment Committee, manager of multi-billion dollar portfolios and founding author of the research publication, Global Central Bank Focus.

A devout Keynesian and interpreter of the work of Hyman Minsky, Paul coined the terms Minsky Moment and Shadow Banking System. While at PIMCO, he appeared regularly in the business media. Paul was also a member of the US Treasury’s Borrowing Advisory Committee (TBAC).

Mr. McCulley earned his BA from Grinnell College, Grinnell, Iowa, where he now sits on the Board of Trustees, and his MBA from Columbia University’s Graduate School of Business.

In his retirement from active portfolio management, Paul spends a lot of time fishing and listening to his whiskers grow, while nurturing his family life as a father.

He also is an entrepreneur in angel investing opportunities, while pursuing his philanthropic visions as President of the Morgan le Fey Dreams Foundation, which he founded and endowed in 2006.

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