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With his big smile and even bigger personality, Richard Taylor hails from Chicago, IL. Growing up on the SouthSide of Chicago, Richard was exposed to a number of unsettling issues in his youth; but he remained focused and maintained his stance as a positive influence for his brothers, and his peers. Richard dealt with insecurity, low self-esteem, and feelings of worthlessness that resulted from being bullied and ridiculed in his childhood. These issues followed him into young adulthood and later contributed to self-destructive behavior.

One 45 minute session with Richard and you’ll never be the same! His energy is contagious! Richard’s message is crafted from his own painful early childhood, college and life experiences. His decision to take charge of his life coupled with the motivating principles has struck a change within high school and collegiate students through out the country. Reflecting on his own experiences, Richard decided to share his story; and shortly after created TaylorMade Empowerment. He is taking the World by storm with his Weekly YouTube Series titled “Getting Over The Hump” and his Debut Book “Unashamed: The Process of Reconstruction”! Richard strives to be one of the most influential voices for his generation and the generations to come. Richard is indeed tailor-made, and he desires that every person realize that about themselves.

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