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The Justice for Trayvon Martin Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in March of 2012 by Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin. Their mission is to advocate for all victims of injustice and senseless crimes throughout the world - not just young black men.

The foundation is a call to action for justice when it comes to crime victims and their families.

One of their goals is to enact Trayvon Martin legislation to fight back against the unjust "Stand Your Ground" law that is currently practiced in over 20 states in America, increase public awareness against all forms of profiling, and educate youth on conflict resolution techniques.

This is a fight for justice, peace and human rights for all individuals regardless of race, political affiliations, religious backgrounds, sexual orientation or gender. An extension of the Foundation's abilities will also advocate for voter’s power, using social media for effective mobilization.

The Foundation stands on the principals of not advocating violence, hatred and laws that encourage it, even towards George Zimmerman.

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