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Having studied engineering, Eric McNair-Landry is a tech guru and web designer. But his true passion is being out on expeditions. He is one of the youngest to ski unsupported the South Pole, has kite-skied over 8000km on expeditions and has crossed the Greenland Icecap 6 times. He currently holds the record for the longest kite-skiing distance in 24 hours at 595 km! His dog sledding skills lead him to embark on a two-month dog sledding expedition in the high arctic with legendary explorer Will Steger, not to mention has crossed the Gobi desert via a kite propelled buggy and has just returned from a three month canoe expedition in Mongolia and Russia.

To add to the impressive list, he was nominated for National Geographic's prestigious award "Adventurer of the Year 2007" and received the Outdoor Idol Award in 2007.

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Sarah & Eric McNair-Landry: Kite-Skiing in the Arctic

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