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Ms. Yvette Streeter has been an educator for 25 years, with experience as a teacher, elementary principal, new principal coach and transitional kindergarten program administrator. During the five years of her leadership at Jane Addams, Ms. Streeter led her school in making significant academic gains. 

With a focus on continuous improvement, she utilized staff input to provide differentiated professional development, utilized data to select teacher leaders to share “best practice” strategies and cultivated an environment of collaboration and making teaching a public act. The leadership she provided in early literacy in kindergarten and 1st grade helped to build a program that is cohesive and exemplifies a balanced literacy program. 

Ms. Streeter currently oversees the Transitional Kindergarten Program and provides leadership for two coaches and 35 teachers. As an early implementer of transitional kindergarten, Long Beach has been involved with sharing and supporting other districts’ implementation.

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