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When Annemarie was five years old she insisted that from that day on her birthday cake would always be Chocolate Cheesecake with a sour cream frosting. And thus her career began. As her friends continued to eat the cupcakes other regular kids enjoyed, Annemarie dove into a life of food and entrepreneurship, launching not just any lemonade stand at the age of 8, but one made with omagles. After graduating from the University of Virginia, Annemarie (or AMB, depending on how much you like to type), moved to the Bay Area to pursue her twin passions. She held the position of Director of Event Production for Paula LeDuc Fine Catering where she managed a $3M budget and managed events as far-ranging as private parties for Oprah to 6,000 people celebrations. Pursuing her passion for community building, Annemarie joined the team at Destiny Arts Center as Deputy Director where she has also served on the board. Annemarie was one of the founders of the San Francisco Street Food Festival, worked for years at Shenaningans Toy Stores and can build just about anything with her hands. She brings event productions experience, food industry knowledge and management to the La Cocina team, along with Chocolate Cheesecake.

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Built in the Bay: San Francisco's Unique Marketplace

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