Speaker - Georges Benjamin

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Georges Benjamin is known as one of the nation’s most influential physician leaders because he speaks passionately and eloquently about the health issues having the most impact on our nation today. From his firsthand experience as a physician, he knows what happens when preventive care is not available and when the healthy choice is not the easy choice. As executive director of APHA since 2002, he is leading the Association’s push to make America the healthiest nation in one generation.

4 Programs

Treating with Antibiotics

03.16.16 | 00:36:14 min | 0 comments

Conversation: Health Disparities

03.18.15 | 00:24:14 min | 0 comments

The Climate Movement's New Local Center of Gravity

12.12.13 | 00:46:42 min | 0 comments

America's Inheritance: Where to Begin on the Big Issues?

12.13.12 | 02:24:10 min | 0 comments