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Dr. Holly Dunsworth is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Rhode Island. A Leakey Foundation Grantee, she co-directs survey and excavation at the early Miocene primate sites on Rusinga Island, Kenya with an aim at reconstructing the habitats and paleoenvironments of the early hominoid Proconsul. Her other research considers the energetic throughput of zoo apes and as well as the metabolic restrictions on primate reproduction, with a focus on testing the "obstetrical dilemma" hypothesis for hominin evolution. 

Dr. Dunsworth posts original classroom activities, teacher resources, and her analyses of current events in human evolutionary sciences on her award winning blog, The Mermaid's Tale. There she strives to overturn misconceptions about, and cultural barriers to, understanding human evolution.

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Your Genome is Showing: Human Origins Gets Personal

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