Speaker - Bethany Ehlmann

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Bethany Ehlmann is an Assistant Professor at Caltech and a Jet Propulsion Laboratory Research Scientist. Her research interests include:

Remote compositional analysis of planetary surfaces; environmental change over Mars history; chemical and physical weathering processes on terrestrial planets; infrared spectroscopy and quantitative radiative transfer modeling; habitability, rock-microbe interactions, biomarker preservation; early Earth surface environments; environmental science and applications of remote sensing; science policy.

3 Programs

Bethany Ehlmann: Commanding Robots on Mars

06.13.13 | 00:16:40 min | 0 comments

A New Age of Exploration

06.11.13 | 00:31:03 min | 0 comments

Solar System Exploration: 50 Years and Counting

10.24.12 | 00:28:41 min | 0 comments