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Dr. Davor Sutija has been the Chief Executive Officer of Thin Film Electronics ASA since June 30, 2010 and serves as its Managing Director. Dr. Sutija joined Thinfilm in January 2010 as Executive Vice President with responsibility for business development and marketing. Previously, he worked for Microsoft and FAST,where he was Senior Vice President for Product Marketing. He has general management experience from Renewable Energy Corporation ASA (REC). He was at the Senter for Materialteknologi (Centre for materials technology) at the University of Oslo, before becoming Chief Executive Officer at SiNOR AS (now REC-SiTech) in Glomfjord, and was at FAST since 2003. He has also served on the boards of Norwegian technology firms SensoNor, Birdstep, and Owera. Dr. Sutija is a graduate of Wharton's Jerome Fisher Management and Technology program, and has a PhD from the University of California at Berkeley, where he developed novel microsensors.

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Demo Presentation of Think Thin by Davor Sutija

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