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Cheeraz Gorman is a life-long storyteller, activist, internationally touring spoken word artist and published poet who started off as a documentary photographer turned award-winning copywriter to brand strategist who took her parents and mentors words seriously when they said she could do anything (as long as she promised to do all things well). In short, she’s a problem solver who refuses to stop learning, interacting with people and things and making stuff. Oh, and depending on the D.J., no dance floor is safe when she’s around.

Regarding her advertising career, Cheeraz has worked on brands that span from Fortune 500 companies to small community efforts. She laid her head on her desk and cried when she found out that the piece she labored over as a writer for The Girl Effect, “The Clock Is Ticking” received one of the ten honors as a TED Ads Worth Spreading in its inaugural year.

Cheeraz is currently Copywriter, Strategist and Principal of Alchemy 7 Creative, LLC located in St. Louis, MO and Curriculum Director and Program Facilitator of the iCre8 Bootcamp, part of The Marcus Graham Project in Dallas, TX. In her downtime she enjoys a glass of scotch--neat, well-written comedies, serious conversations that make some folks want to change the subject and not so humid summer evenings. The word “moist” makes her cringe.

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