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Thomas J Jordan is co-founder of T-J Communications, an independent marketing company in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He is the former Chairman and Chief Creative Officer of HY Connect, an independent, fully-integrated communications firm with offices in Chicago and Milwaukee. He is also the author of several books: "What’s a Saatchi and How Come We Have Two of Them?" (Graphis 2002); "Re-Render the Gender" (BookSurge 2009); co-author of "PurseStrings. New, Proven Ways of Reaching the Hearts and Minds of Female Consumers" (CreateSpace 2011); as well as contributing author of "Lessons on Profiting from Diversity" (MacMillan UK 2012).

Recognized in 2010 by his alma mater, Kent State University, Tom was honored for his many achievements in marketing and communications as Alumnus of the Year. Tom is a frequent guest speaker at conferences and universities, sharing research and insight on marketing to women. In addition, he has won numerous international creative awards, including prestigious “Lions” from the Cannes Advertising Festival.

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