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Dr. Tewari is a tenured professor at Weill Cornell Medical College, as well as the Director of the Prostate Cancer Institute and the Director of the Lefrak Center for Robotic Surgery. Over the past several years Dr. Tewari has studied various aspects of prostate cancer including surgical prostate anatomy, genetic risk profiling, epidemiology, racial disparities, risk modeling and survivorship issues. To further his commitment to the betterment of surgical outcomes, Dr. Tewari has worked on improving the accuracy of his staging efforts and focused on novel imaging approaches and developing predictive modeling tools. Clinically, he has performed several thousand robotic prostate cancer surgeries and has established a prostate bio repository at the Prostate Cancer Institute, New York. His current research is funded by awards from the Ronald P. Lynch Chair Endowment of Urologic Oncology, the Richard S. and Karen Lefrak Endowment Fund, the National Institute of Health the Prostate Cancer Foundation, and several other federal and industry grants. Dr. Tewari’s current research projects focus on a) the development of new surgical techniques and modifications to examine functional and oncological improvements in prostate cancer surgery; b) the genetic hallmark of cancer and utilizing novel molecular biology techniques to identify aggressive phenotypes of prostate cancer; c) evaluating molecular differences to explain racial disparities in outcomes; d) developing novel approaches for describing radiological phenotypes of aggressive prostate cancer; e) and exploring the utility of multi-parameteric MRI as the Male “Prostatogram” for optimal management of prostate cancer and monitoring active surveillance patients.

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Confronting Cancer: A Fight We Can Win

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