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Dr. Kim Chilman-Blair is the CEO and Founder of Medikidz. Having worked in paediatrics for a number of years, she found herself frustrated at the lack of medical resources accessible to children. With all the available material directed towards parents, she decided to create a product that would help young patients understand what was going on inside their bodies, and lessen the fear that came with a diagnosis.

While studying for a Masters in Entrepreneurship at the University of Otago in her native New Zealand and working full-time as a paediatrician, Kim started writing stories that would eventually become the world's first series of medical information comics for young people. After winning a $20,000 entrepreneurship challenge, she moved over to England with her colleague, Dr. Kate Hersov to fully establish Medikidz.

Since launching in September 2009, Medikidz has created a series of comic books and now has over 20 titles, including Type 1 Diabetes, Epilepsy, Autism and Depression. With books now being distributed worldwide and two new titles being produced every month, Dr. Kim looks set to change the way young patients receive information and support about their conditions.

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