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Dr. Rebo founded Open Biotechnology, Inc. initially because he wanted open source biotechnology tools to use personally. After two years experience as cofounder of a regenerative medicine startup, he perceived the use restrictions and, for lack of a better word, obscene profit margins seen in contemporary research tools products as extremely frustrating and limiting to progress by himself and all other researchers. So he founded Open Biotechnology with John Schloendorn, to make research tools without these restrictions and immense costs. In doing so, they were able to free themselves from many types of use restrictions, remove most of the cost of doing their own research, and continue their work in regenerative medicine. They also realized that they could not make regenerative medicine happen all by themselves. They decided to make their tools fully open source, and offer them to the world, so that other groups can join in the same benefits. 

Prior to Open Biotechnology Justin co-founded ImmunePath, Inc. which was able to successfully treat cytopenia in a preclinical model using blood progenitors made from embryonic stem cells.Justin has worked as a research scientist with the Methuselah Foundation where he developed enzyme therapy for atherosclerosis and Macular Degeneration, and the SENS foundation where he led a team in a preclinical project to reverse immune decline with aging by targeting senescent cells. Justin received his undergraduate degree in Business from Miami University and his MD/MSc from St. George's University School of medicine.

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Rebo & Rodriguez: Software Tools for Open Biology

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