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After training as a clinical scientist in the 1980s, Hugh Rienhoff joined the venture capital firm New Enterprise Associates, where he directed biotech investments. In 1998 he founded DNA Sciences, serving as chairman and CEO for four years. He was also a founding director of Healtheon/WebMD and Aurora Biosciences. His latest startup, FerroKin BioSciences, was acquired by Shire Pharmaceuticals in 2012. Rienhoff’s involvement in biotech became deeply personal in 2003, when his daughter was born with a mysterious defect that prevented her body from building muscle. His pleas for genetic analysis rejected, Rienhoff set out to do it himself, turning his attic into a home laboratory where he spent his nights combing through her DNA at the molecular level, hunting for clues that might suggest a treatment. That decade-long odyssey—ultimately successful—inspired him to start, a forum and advocate for other parents of children with undiagnosed diseases.

2 Programs

My Daughter's DNA Mystery

11.06.13 | 00:19:00 min | 0 comments

Leveraging Open Science for Rare Diseases

10.20.12 | 01:45:18 min | 0 comments