Speaker - Jon Stewart

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  • Trained as an engineer before becoming a journalist
  • Spent five years working at BBC Radio 1, a music station in the UK, covering hard news as well as celebrities and pop stars Covered a wide range of stories for the BBC, including from Iraq, and the London and Madrid bombings
  • Loves travelling and sports - currently exploring America and recently took part in a desert triathlon
  • Most memorable and emotional interview was with former astronaut, Jeff Hoffman who worked in space in 1993 to repair the Hubble Space telescope when it was found to have dodgy vision

2 Programs

Car Talk: Autonomous Vehicles and the Future of Energy

10.30.12 | 00:37:03 min | 0 comments

Boeing CTO John Tracy: The Future of Flight

10.30.12 | 00:37:12 min | 0 comments