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Sarah Greene is Executive Director of Cancer Commons, a nonprofit whose mission is to advance and report the latest precision therapies to patients through Rapid Learning Communities involving patients, researchers and physicians. Most recently she was editor-in-chief of The Scientist magazine and its parent, Faculty of 1000, a post-publication peer review service in London. She is a publishing and new media entrepreneur with three startups acquired by Wiley (Current Protocols), Elsevier (HMS Beagle web magazine and BioMedNet), and Thomson Reuters (Praxis.MD; Best Practice of Medicine). She was a co-founder of the Society for Participatory Medicine and launched the Journal of Participatory Medicine as managing editor. Greene also developed websites with original content and formats for the New York Academy of Sciences (eBriefings, Science & the City) and The New York Times-Health, and was chief content officer at Keas, Inc. She trained as a soil microbiologist and puts this to good use at her family farm in Nebraska.

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