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Anh Ly is user experience designer for Bing’s Future Experiences team where she develops radical new ideas for search. Anh graduated from New York University’s Interactive Telecommunications Program (ITP) where she created, among other things, a sandbox where you can physically dig for virtual dinosaurs and a mobile app that uses augmented reality to help people fix cars. Last summer, she worked as an interaction designer for Microsoft Research, developing a mobile platform for people to record and share stories. Prior to that, Anh was a multimedia producer and visual journalist for MSN Money, where she ate her way through stories such as “The $1,000 Sundae” and “The $1,000 Omelete” (it was delicious, but a little rich for her taste). Anh’s background in journalism led her to believe that everybody and every object has a story, so she tries to tell these stories through her designs. A native of the foothills of North Carolina, you’ll catch Anh’s southern twang when she gets overly excited. Anh is a fan of traveling, tango dancing and almost all food, except for papayas.

2 Programs

Module 3: Utilizing Genius in Innovation and Prestige

11.07.12 | 01:51:47 min | 0 comments

Module 2: How Big Data Disrupts Digital Marketing

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