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I was born in Killingworth, CT June 15th, 1997. My family moved to New Jersey in 2001. Both of my parents are musical, having met at a church folk group, playing guitar. My whole family is musical and artistic. So naturally I inherited this love for music. I first heard about throat singing when I was in seventh grade, I was studying the Mongols, and my Dad who is into physics told me about the late Richard Feynman. He also taught me about the polyphonic singing that was done in Tuva. So I went on the computer and looked up a video of throat singing. I was amazed, I had to learn how to do this, singing with two voices at the same time. I have been teaching myself throat singing for the past two and a half years. I also recently started building Tuvan traditional instruments. I have also befriended many Tuvan musicians, and I attend their concerts whenever I can. I am honored to represent this little-known Central Asian style of music, and to spread the almost magical culture of these people.

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