Speaker - Vasant Dhar

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Vasant Dhar’s longstanding research has been on building robust automated decision making systems from large databases based on principles and methods from Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and related disciplines. The emphasis is on predictive modeling, across areas that span financial markets and other domains including economic networks, news, sponsored search markets, blogs and other user generated content.

His more recent research has been on corporate governance of data and information technologies that balance their simultaneous benefits and risks, and on the transformational aspects of these technologies in business and society. Vasant has written over 70 articles, funded by grants from industry and the NSF. He pioneered the use of machine learning for predictive modeling on Wall Street and teaches courses on Trading Strategies, and IT and Corporate Strategy.

2 Programs

Module 3: Utilizing Genius in Innovation and Prestige

11.07.12 | 01:51:47 min | 0 comments

Module 2: How Big Data Disrupts Digital Marketing

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