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Alex Kajitani was a struggling new teacher at a tough, inner-city school in San Diego. As the students came in each day unable to remember simple math concepts from the day before, yet singing every word to the new rap song on the radio, he realized he needed a new approach. Fed up with the students coming in rapping lyrics about violence, drug use, and mistreating women, he began to perform rap songs about the math he was teaching. He used authentic rap beats similar to what was on the radio, and interjected messages about making good decisions and living a positive life.

The songs quickly became legendary throughout the school, and the district. Test scores soared, and Kajitani’s “at-risk” students began outperforming their more affluent counterparts on districtwide tests...

This was over seven years ago, and marked the official birth of The Rappin’ Mathematician™. Since then, Kajitani has turned a new teacher’s desperate attempt to connect with his students into a nationwide teaching tool. Teachers, parents, home-schoolers and administrators across the country are reporting The Rappin’ Mathematician™ music not only getting their kids better grades in math, but getting them excited about math and school as well!

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