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Sally Kempton is a powerful teacher of applied non-dual wisdom, known for her ability to kindle meditative states in others, and to help students apply non-dual awareness to practical life. She teaches teleclasses, retreats, and workshops, appearing regularly at conference centers such as Esalen and Kripalu. Sally is the author of "Meditation for the Love of It," which one reviewer called "the meditation book your heart wants you to read." She writes a regular column, "Wisdom" for Yoga Journal, as well as a column called "Meditation for Life" on the Internet religious site A former swami in a Vedic order, Sally trained for thirty years in the close company of two enlightened masters. Sally's teachings are based on Kashmir Shaiva tantra, and combine the wisdom of that tradition with the practical understandings of contemporary psychology and Integral theory.

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Sally Kempton: Shakti, Self-Awareness & Nondual Feminine

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