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Geneticist and founder of the Rare Genomics Institute, an organization that allows patients to crowdsource funds and genomes to accelerate research of their rare genetic diseases. Jimmy is the lead computational biologist for the ground-breaking cancer genome sequencing efforts from the Vogelstein Lab at Johns Hopkins. Their sequencing of the first 100+ cancer exomes in 5 different tissue types has helped lay the foundation for a revolution in cancer genomics. After completing his MD/PhD at Johns Hopkins, along with colleagues at Harvard and Yale, Jimmy started Rare Genomics Institute: a non-profit biotech venture that microfunds and enables genome sequencing for children with rare and orphan diseases.

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Project Leaders Share Next Step Commons Presentations

04.20.13 | 01:43:38 min | 0 comments

Leveraging Open Science for Rare Diseases

10.20.12 | 01:45:18 min | 0 comments