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Yuan Xikun is a well-known Chinese artist, collector, educator and environmentalist. He is the member of the Standing Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC). Currently he holds the following positions: Founder of Beijing JinTai Art Museum, Honorary Chairman of China Association of Collectors, Researcher of the Graduate School of the Chinese Arts Research Institute and Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts, United Nations Environment Program’s ‘Patron for Art & Environment’. He was listed as the Top 5 Chinese Contemporary artist in 2010.

As an artist and cultural diplomat, Yuan was invited to draw ink-and-wash portraits for 152 foreign dignitaries, which were acknowledged and signed by these leaders. His sculptures of international celebrities have been collected and inaugurated by foreign governments and museums in many countries. Up to now, Yuan is the artist who earned the international recognition and has won the most international highest medals in the field of sculpture, such as the highest honorable medals from foreign presidents.

As an educator and environmentalist, Yuan launched “Champion of the Water Alliance” on the Earth Day of 2011 as a global call for public participation to save water. His environmental-themed sculpture 'Urgency in the Polar Region' was selected as the “Champion of the Earth” award trophies and collected by the UNEP headquarters and Arctic Council.

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