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David has 30 years experience in managing all aspects of development and commercialisation of new technology and new business creation as well as specific experience in transforming ideas into significant businesses, from seed financing in Australia to public listing on US NASDAQ. David has extensive new technology investee business and public company management experience in Australia and US.

David was a founder, inventor and CEO of Catuity Inc and has also been the Founder and CEO of Technology Investment Trusts, R&D partnerships and listed MIC company BT Innovation, investing more than $150m and managerially supporting more than 50 new technology businesses in Australia.

As founder and CEO of numerous technology based businesses, David has raised more than $200m for direct investment in these businesses and through extensive professional contacts, assisted many businesses to raise funds from private investors, institutions and the public markets. As CEO and Executive Chairman of numerous businesses David played a key role in raising funds and ensuring good corporate governance in all arrangements and documentation.

David also has extensive experience in due diligence and market research through the creation and management of technology investment and investee business management teams.

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