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As Senior Vice President of Global Policy and Law, Roger Platt is responsible for managing policy and legal aspects related to the increasingly global adoption of the LEED green building certification program. Platt's role includes managing an international portfolio of policy development relationships, including the World Green Building Council Policy Committee and the United Nations Environment Programme, among others, supporting policy initiatives in countries where LEED is becoming the dominant rating system tool for delivering high performance buildings.

Platt also oversees USGBC's proactive engagement in U.S. Policy and legislation development among federal and state agencies, on the Hill, in state capitals, city halls and county commissions across the country, as well as through the alliances USGBC has forged with other NGOs and public-private initiatives. This includes advancing USGBC's views to these constituencies on the benefits of green schools, green affordable housing, sustainable communities, and mitigating the impact of buildings on climate change.

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