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Sissela Bok is senior visiting fellow at the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies, and a moral philosopher of international renown. Her many books include the seminal Lying, Secrets, A Strategy for Peace, Mayhem, Common Values and, most recently, Exploring Happiness.

A former member of the Pulitzer Prize Board, Bok is a fellow of the American Academy of Political and Social Science and sits on the editorial boards of the Bulletin of the World Health Organization, Common Knowledge and Ethical Theory and Moral Practice. She has also taught at Brandeis University. Bok is the daughter of two Nobel laureates: Gunnar Myrdal, awarded the economics prize in 1974, and Alva Myrdal, awarded the peace prize in 1982. She was born in Sweden and educated in Switzerland and France before coming to the United States. She received her bachelor's and master's degrees in psychology at the George Washington University, and her Ph.D. in philosophy at Harvard University.

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Roger Rosenblatt with Derek and Sissela Bok

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