Speaker - Hongxia Wei

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Wei Hongxia (Victoria) is a visiting scholar in Carnegie's Asia Program where her research focuses on U.S. policy toward East Asia, particularly U.S.-China relations and multilateral architecture in East Asia. She is also a senior associate with the Institute of American Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences and an editorial assistant for American Studies Quarterly.

She is co-author of three books: U.S. Unilateralism and Worldwide Anti-Americanism After September 11 (Tianjin Press, 2007), U.S. Role in East Asia: Perceptions, Policies and Impacts (Shishi Press, 2008), and Think Tanks and Their Role in U.S. Policy toward China (forthcoming). She has also written numerous articles on American foreign policy, multilateral cooperation in East Asia, and American think tanks for well-known Chinese academic journals, magazines, and newspapers.

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