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Lois Raimondo is a photographer and writer. Her 1998 investigative story for New York Newsday on corruption in the New York City Mitchell Lama housing project earned a Pulitzer Prize finalist nomination. Raimondo lived for 12 years in Tibet, India, China and Vietnam, producing a range of work, including essays about Tibetan cultural survival and a children's book entitled The Little Lama of Tibet. As chief photographer of AP's Hanoi bureau, she has covered everything from presidential visits to the Kobe earthquake to the lingering effects of the Vietnam War. Her pictures and stories have also appeared in the New York Times, Life, Newsweek and Time among others. A relative newcomer at The Post, she's already shown her incredible versatility: from capturing the kinetic energy of a boot camp for juvenile offenders to locking in on the quiet idealism of workers at a local organic farm.

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Journalism Under Fire: Pt. 4

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