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Humera Khan is Founder of the pioneering An-Nisa Society in Wembley, she has been an activist and educator for over 20 years, working in race relations, the voluntary sector and social services for people of all backgrounds and faiths. Humera is also a commentator, contributing regularly to mainstream and independent media, as well an author of a groundbreaking series on Islam and sexual health. No stranger to current debates on integration, multiculturalism and community cohesion, Humera was a member of the Cantle Commission established in the aftermath of the 2001 disturbances, sat on the Forced Marriage Working Group and the post-7/7 Preventing Extremism Together taskforce. Humera helped found Britain's leading Muslim magazine, Q-News Magazine of which she remains Contributing Editor today. Humera has been a pioneer in the struggle to have faith-based identities - especially that of Muslims - recognized. She remains a powerful, critical and independent advocate for positive social change and an inclusive, just Britain.

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Brickbats, Bovver-Boots and Bans

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